Design Process

Gloria drawing-up a floor plan

Although all projects will vary slightly in the design/construction phases, here is an outline of what you can expect for the design process of your kitchen or bathroom project:

1) Initial Consultation

This meeting is typically done in your home if you are remodeling or in our showroom if you are planning a new construction project. We gather information about your goals and dreams for your space, take measurements, and discuss our next steps. All parties who wish to be involved in the design process are encouraged to attend this meeting.

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2) Design Phase

kitchen design renderingBased on the discussions at the initial consultation, we will put together a design that incorporates the needs and wants for your project and provide the best design to fit the space. Additional meetings to select materials and provide estimates may take place at this time.

3) Final Design

Final plans and estimates will be provided for you and your contractor.

4) Project Ordering/Product Management

This is the start of the transformation of your space! We work directly with your contractor to ensure the design is installed according to plans and in a timely manner.

5) Final Completion

We will meet with you to answer any questions, and make sure you are completely happy with your new space!